On Christian Unity

This year, “Christian Unity Week” coincides with the commemoration of the 41st anniversary of the carnage unleashed by Roe and Doe. It brought to mind an exchange with Chet Gallager, a brother Christian who is on the front lines of the abortion holocaust. Chet is also a hero of mine for reasons that follow.

Our Facebook exchange about “Christmas” brought to my mind some thoughts about Christian Unity aka, ecumenism,  and how it has impacted the effort to end the injustice of what abortionists do to children.

Chet stimulated an exchange by asking:

Eze 22:26 “Her priests have done violence to my law and have profaned my holy things. They have made no distinction between the holy and the common, neither have they taught the difference between the unclean and the clean, and they have disregarded my Sabbaths, so that I am profaned among them.”

What ensued was a lively exchange among pro-life activists that included arguments that celebrating Christmas was not scriptural.

I weighed in with the following observations.

Chet, re your original question. Sounds to me like SOME priests went off the deep end. We still have that problem today. Priests and ministers are human.

They sin.

Heck, last time I checked, the sidewalk at abortion mills aren’t exactly overflowing with priests and ministers.

But it would be silly to suggest that somehow says anything about ALL priests and ministers. Or that those of us who choose to celebrate the birth of Christ are somehow doing something God hates.

As to sola scriptural. There would be no scripture to be sola to, had not the Catholic Church finally sat down and decided what writings were truly inspired by God to constitute Scripture (that was way back in the fourth century).

And besides, on whose authority does one decide the meaning of Scripture?

I expect Christ knew what He was doing when He gave that authority (the Keys and power to loose and bind) to Peter and thru him to the Apostles.

And if anyone doubts Jesus’ wisdom in this regard, just take a look at the 35,000 (and growing) different Christian denominations. Every one of them reading the same (or self-modified) Scriptures, and often coming up with different interpretations to the point that some actually use Scriptures to justify the child sacrifice we call abortion!

And make no mistake about it, that division is a scandal!

The abortionists used it as a wedge to hold Protestants at bay, while they set about spreading the bloodbath of abortion like the great flood.

All they had to say, and they said it at every opportunity, was that abortion was a “Catholic” issue. And their ploy was reinforced by the general failure of Protestants to join the fight. It was heartbreaking for us to see our brothers in Christ shun our efforts.

But what were Catholics to do? We knew abortion was a basic human rights battle, an affront to our Creator. So we couldn’t walk away just to make it LOOK like it wasn’t a Catholic issue. And besides we couldn’t abandon the children in danger of abortion on any given day. So we continued to “rescue those being dragged to the slaughter.” And remained hopeful that the rest of the church would soon join us.

Chet it was decades before our non-Catholic brothers and sisters in Christ started to show up in any kind of numbers. And what a welcome relief it was when they did! And everyone was the better for it.

It was and is the best of the Ecumenical movement. Not some kind of artificial kumbia milk toast moment. But Christians on the front lines, shoulder to shoulder, rolling up our sleeves and standing in the breach. We did not ask one another to water down our respective faiths to create some kind of common ground. We came together in obedience to our Creator and ended up on the common ground of the front lines of the abortion holocaust. And I truly believe we are the better for it. As is the church.

That’s not to say that doesn’t create some awkward(?) moments, such as this exchange about Christmas and priests and the like. After all we are still a divided church. But we are also a powerful force, inspired and guided by a Holy Spirit Who persists in guiding even a divided church so even in our brokenness we can still do God’s work. What an awesome God we have.

When Chet arrived to the movement it was literally like the Calvary had arrived. He acted in the greatest tradition of his profession. Arriving at that abortion mill in full police uniform, parking your police motorcycle, walking past your brother officers right up to the rescuers, not to arrest them BUT TO JOIN THEM! He spoke of his responsibility as a PEACE officer to  rescue those in danger. I still get goose bumps when I think of that moment. And most importantly he knew Who to obey when God’s law and man’s law came in conflict with one another.

Looking for Christian unity? Come to the front lines of the battle to end abortion one child at a time, and you’ll see Christians united in their efforts to “rescue those being dragged to the slaughter.”


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