Where is your God now?

You hear and see some brutal things on the front lines of the abortion holocaust. If you’ve been there you know what I mean. It can be chilling. Case in point from yesterday.

“So where’s your God now?” yelled out a not-so-proud papa on his way out of the mill today.

Only minutes before his child had been dismembered, decapitated, and otherwise brutalized by an abortionist.

He seemed to have no idea what a fool he was.

His comment brought to mind a talk I attended by Scott Hahn several years ago. Scott told the parable of a man who decided he was going to break the law of gravity.

He did so by climbing to the top of a tall building and jumping off.

Of course he didn’t break the law of gravity.

But the law of gravity sure broke him!

This foolhardy father thought he had defeated God today.

His comment brought to mind some commentators on Massachusetts homosexual “marriage” law who observed shortly after it took effect that even God had no problem with it since no one was “struck by lightning.”

Please pray for this father as well as the mother of his now deceased child, that he seeks God’s forgiveness for subjecting his own flesh and blood to the violence of an abortionist. And that he will do so before his actions break him.


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