Where we learned to celebrate Christmas

Of course we learned how to celebrate Christmas from Scripture.

Heck John the Baptist was celebrating it when he and his Cousin were yet unborn.

We learned to sing carols from the choir of Angels who praised His Birthday in Heavenly song.

The shepherds taught us to not celebrate from afar, nor should we celebrate alone.

The Wise men started the tradition of traveling long distances to celebrate Christmas (and I might add the unique tradition, which did not catch on, of men asking for directions!).

The Wise Men also started the tradition of celebrating the Christ child’s birth by bringing presents.

AND THEY WERE PAGANS! Should Mary and Joseph have refused their gifts as unclean? Or ,unclean though they were, were they perhaps somehow sanctified by the presence of Our Lord? Made uncommon. Dare I say holy!

And if it’s good enough for Jesus, why isn’t it good enough for us?

Of course it is Christ who makes our celebration of His birth holy. That is why we are seeking to put Christ back into Christmas. Once again wrestle it back from the pagans as the early Church did.

It is Jesus who makes the profane holy!

As to my buddy Linus. When He answered Charlie Brown, Linus didn’t quote Ezechial. Instead he put Christ back into Christmas.

Where He belongs.

God bless.


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