Christmas in Washington

Christmas in Washington.

In 7 1/2 hours, less than 4 days before we celebrate the birth of the unborn Jesus, I will be on the sidewalks of Planned Barrenhood pleading with mothers, fathers and grandparents for the lives of their unborn progeny. Pinch me. This can’t really be happening. Can it?

To top it off, replaying on TV before me is “Christmas in Washington” with the most pro-abortion President in history front and center.

Somehow managing to celebrate abortion and Christmas.

At the same time!

Though at the 11 minute mark there has yet to be even a mention of the Christ Child.

What goes on in such a mind? And make no mistake about it, President Obama and Michelle have lots of company. In our own families and churches in fact.

But keep in mind, in the midst of the unprecedented (at that time) Holocaust in WWII: Germany celebrated Christmas.

I kid you not.

Churches were full.

Somehow they managed to celebrate that Holocaust and Christmas at the same time .

In some areas the boxcars came so close to the churches that the “believers” (in what I’m not sure) had to sing louder, lest they be distracted. And that’s exactly what they did: “there’s none so blind that will not….(hear)”?

BTW we’re at the 33 minute mark of the show and still NO mention of the Christ Child. None, Notta. Zilch. Not even in song.

Maybe they figured out that they can’t sing loud enough to drown out the vacuum suction machines of Washington.

Exactly Who/what was Christ before He was born?

Was he only Jesus the moment He crowned?

Took His first breath?

Were the Angel Gabriel, Mary, Elizabeth, Joseph, and John the Baptist all wrong?

Ah, there it is, at the 40 minute mark, singing “Christ the Savior is born”. Smiles all around. No hint whatsoever of any impropriety.

And tomorrow morning, if the past is any predictor, the abortionists will have their own “Christmas” party. Complete with gifts.

Breaking bread in one room while on the other side of the wall children, made in the image and likeness of the still unborn Christ Child are being dismembered, beheaded and otherwise killed.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Celebrating Christmas and abortion at the same time.

In the same place.

Like our President.

And many in our families and Churches.

At Christmas Mass no less.

Hard to believe we could celebrate the birth of the unborn Jesus and not mention His unborn brothers threatened by abortionists. But few (no?) preacher will dare make mention. Perhaps on Saturday when we remember Herod’s Slaughter of the Innocents? Don’t hold your breath.

It’s the 56 minute mark and the President speaks- invoking the Christ Child no less.

Celebrating Christmas and abortion in the same breath with a rousing rendition of “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”.

More smiles.

No goose bumps.But sure will raise the hair on the back of your head.


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