Getting Stoned!

When I was young, getting stoned was all the rage. Of all those I ever knew who got stoned, Stephen was without a doubt the coolest. I am still in awe of him.

My generation knew we were hip.

On the cutting edge.


Don’t trust anyone over thirty was the mantra of the 60’s.

Our “heroes” even sang about getting stoned.

Timothy Leary held court: get stoned to get in touch with yourself!

While I never imbibed in the whole drug scene, I’m well aware that many in my generation still brag that we were the generation of sex, drugs and Rock and roll.

And abortionists continue to reap the bounty of such a legacy: built on the funeral pyre of tens of millions of innocent human beings.

Today I think back on my friend Stephen.

While he had more than a few years on me getting stoned was all the rage in his generation as well.

But he got involved in it because he was in touch with himself.

That’s why I honor him.

In his time it was Paul who held court.

Laid his cloak at the feet of Stephen.

And Stephen became the first known martyr for our faith.

Killed at the behest of Paul who was to become one of the great saints of the faith.

What an awesome God we have!

The God of the Prodigal Son. Ever scanning the horizon for the slightest hint of our turning back to Him.

And when we do? The Good Shepherd scoops us up and carries us on His shoulders until we’re among the fold again.

I often have this conversation with the Deathscorts at Planned Barrenhood.

When there are no parents and/or grandparents to speak with that is.

I tell them that it’s not too late to turn from their evil ways, reminding them that St. Paul was
killing Christians before he came to the Church.

I invite them to join us in our rescue efforts. Pointing out the example of Abby Johnson and other former co-workers who picked up their cloaks and left Planned Barrenhood.

And the example of my buddy Stephen, who got stoned because he was in touch with who he was: a child of God made in His image and likeness, living out his faith no matter what the cost.

Now there’s a legacy worth bragging about!




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