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Paying the Price for “Choice”

On Wednesday, January 22, 2014, the 41st anniversary of the infamous Roe and Doe decisions, I stood on the doorstep of President Obama’s neighborhood abortion mill (Downtown DC Planned Barrenhood) and reflected on the shallowness of the pro-aborts rhetoric.

And the sheepishness of those of us who would claim to oppose what abortionists do to unborn children.

41 years later the abortionists still have the same old tired shallow rhetoric.



That’s it.

I kid you not.

College professors who pride themselves on their intellectual depth: same tired rhetoric.

U.S. Senators? You got it.

How about the leader of the free world? Same, same.

And with that, abortionists and their apologists have been given a free pass to kill almost 57 MILLION human beings.

So I asked the Deathscorts there, whose rhetoric is so old even the words “pro-choice” on their vests is faded, “What choice does your abortionist offer these moms?”

No response.

Maddeningly they know they don’t have to answer.

To anyone.

Least of all the media, who are not only in bed with the abortionists they are also incredibly intellectually lazy.

Here’s the simple, indisputable fact.

The abortionist offers a mom the “choice” of……

a dead baby


a dead baby.

That’s it.

What kind of choice is that?

No offer to pay utility bills. House payments. A place to stay. Free medical care. Job training.  “Anything you need today.”

Guess who offers all of that and more?

You got it, the “anti-choice” people.

Pinch me.

And perhaps worse is all the time and effort pro-lifers put forth trying to counteract the “anti-choice” label. A label which comes from those who claim to be for “choice” but offer no choice. Such efforts are, in the words of Gianna Jessen, “silly”.

And worse.

The fact is that we already offer “Whatever you need today” which is what I promise EVERY abortion minded parent and grandparent I encounter at the mill.

And we deliver on that promise. Every time.

The worst part is not only is it a waste of time, it leads to silly infighting.

No graphic images, we’re told: trading images of what was done to the victims whom we would claim to represent for our own “good” image.

As a movement.

No harsh language. Really? How do you gently describe what abortionists do to unborn children?

The irony is that you end up with pro-lifers who have the same answer as the pro-aborts when asked if they’ve ever seen what an abortionist does to an unborn child: silence.

And how have all those image conscious efforts worked out?

For the movement?

The media?

The 57 million dead and counting?

If an abortion bound mother, abortionists like Nathanson, and even Abby Johnson were turned away from abortion by an IMAGE, why in the world do we think that American won’t be turned away from abortion by the image of what abortion actually is?

There is no pretty way to present it.

It is violent.

It is bloody.

And IT is graphic.

To portray it otherwise is to wittingly or otherwise betray the reality of abortion.

Putting a pretty face on a holocaust is a lie.

Kind of like calling an abortion mill a “clinic”. Or saying an abortionist “performs” an abortion. Really? Last time I checked “clinics” were places of healing. And murderers commit (and do not “perform”) murder. The pro-choice-people-who-offer-no-choice also call a mill a “clinic.” And would say their abortionists “performs” abortions. How is it, 41 years after the Supremes unleashed the abortion holocaust on America that pro-lifers and abortionists end up with so much in common?

Doesn’t that at least make you squirm?

Well it should. And then some.

So here’s the shocker: maybe we don’t want to display the graphic images because if we did then WE would be forced to see, and upon seeing, forced to rethink our response to this horrible bloodletting.

Maybe we would be forced to come to grips with the fact that whatever we’ve done, it hasn’t been enough. Not by a long shot.

It would seem that 41 years is well past time for a little soul-searching. Both as individuals and as a movement.

For all the good that’s been done, the fact is that every year in America well over a million children continue to be victimized by abortionists and the culture which fails to protect them.

And like it or not, we are that culture.

So what to do?

We could decide to learn from history.

If we’re willing that is.

By the 60’s Blacks had made some progress in fighting the scandal of racial segregation. But many in the Civil Rights movement urged caution and restraint. Lest the risk the minimal gains they had already made or hurt the image of the movement.

But Dr. King saw it differently. There was room for strategy of course but his bottom line was “Enough!”

For King knew and preached that those enslaved by racial segregation “TODAY” would not benefit from some hoped for change in the future.

That what was lacking in the movement was the kind of tension necessary for such major change to occur in a culture so seeped in an injustice.

That tension came in the form of putting a face on racial segregation. Making the culture “see” its ugly face. By bringing the reality of that injustice to the streets of America. Putting it in our face.

King did it peacefully, but there was a price to be paid, for the perpetrators of such injustices are not the least bit peaceful.

Like the adversaries of unborn children today.

It was violent.

It was bloody.

It was graphic.

And the last great civil rights struggle in our country took a dramatic turn. It was the beginning of the end of that shameful chapter in our history.

Are we willing to learn from history?

Not only did Dr. King give us a blueprint for how to face down such an injustice, his legacy is also brought to mind considering that abortionists readily admit that they kill Black children at five times the rate of white. That’s shorthand for genocide. Against the same race Dr. King sought to free from the shackles of racial segregation.

I said to some of the Benedictine students with whom I marched that day, as the March  for Life bottle-necked  at the Supreme Court, “Maybe this will be the year we all just sit down and refuse to leave this city until they stop the killing.” I got an immediate supportive  response and yet….we left. Once again.

So here’s something to ponder.

Do we seriously believe that the government will lock up every Christian and/or person of good will who would claim to oppose what abortionists do to unborn children so that holocaust can continue?


But even so, shouldn’t they have to lock us all up before such a holocaust can occur?

Just imagine if the small fraction of Christians and people of good will represented by those of us at the March for Life had just refused to leave. Sat down in the streets.

We would likely still be there. Perhaps in jails. Wherever they could find room. Perhaps they would still be trying to find room for all of us. Parents would be worried about their children. Spouses about their loved ones. Friends and parishioners concerned likewise. Even the media would show for that one. And much tension, the kind of tension King knew was necessary to end such and injustice, would have finally have been created. For everyone.

Abortion would have a face.

Now that’s pretty radical.

Racial segregation was pretty radical.

As is what abortionists do to an unborn child.

Thinking and acting as if we can end such a massive injustice with anything short of a will to do the radical, gets you…..?

41 years of bloodletting and counting.

So the bottom line is this: are we willing to pay the price?

And if not us…who?

And if not now…when?

Not rhetoric.




On Canonizing Mandela

This is a tale of two men.

 Of   lost opportunity.

 Of betrayal.

 The modern-day tragedies of Nelson Mandela and our own Missouri U.S. Senator Thomas Eagleton.

 Tragedies that put the Greeks of old to shame.

 Both Nelson Mandela and Senator Thomas Eagleton came to power to represent those who had no voice.

 Victims of the apartheid of South Africa and the apartheid of abortionists respectively.

 The recent death of Nelson Mandela generated a worldwide outpouring of praise and adulation. As did Eagleton’s death in 2007.

 For Mandela there is a movie to boot.

 But in spite of Hollywood’s selective memory, Nelson Madela’s legacy will forever be tarnished by the deaths of almost a million human beings victimized by the abortion law he promoted and signed in 1996.

 Would that, having been freed from the horrendous injustice of apartheid,  he had extended to unborn human beings in his country the same freedom he finally experienced.

 Instead he chose to unleash the abortionists of South Africa on them: the most deadly form of apartheid.

 No amount of good can erase such a legacy of injustice by someone who should have known better…..

 Our own Missouri U.S. Senator Thomas Eagleton was once a champion of the unborn.

 In fact his name is attached to the only Human Life Amendment to make it to a formal vote in Congress in over four decades since Roe and Doe: the Hatch-Eagleton Human Life Federalism Amendment (1983).

 Every January he would personally greet the thousands of citizens from Missouri who made the 1,674 mile round trip pilgrimage to D.C. to protest SCOTUS’ infamous Roe and Doe decisions.

 But in a twist mindful of a Greek tragedy, Senator Eagleton, turned from champion of the unborn to the chief proponent of state  program mandating the killing of unborn children through embryonic stem cell human experimentation. Eagleton took his scandalous support for this hideous practice to the grave. In fact it was just a few months after he succeeded in his effort to enshrine this betrayal into law that the good Senator died.

 A reverse “good thief” story.

As a result his funeral, much like Mandela’s, included a gathering of the who’s who of the Culture of Death, including  pro-abortionists Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden, Dick Durbin, Walter Mondale, Robyn Carnahan, Dale Bumpers, as well as Eagleton’s Senatorial sidekick, Senator Jack Danforth who joined Eagleton in his eleventh hour betrayal of the unborn. The latter three were among the four eulogists allowed on the altar at the funeral Mass.

 It’s noteworthy that Eagleton’s own list of accomplishments, read at his request upon his death, included not one reference to abortion. Zero. Nor, not surprisingly was there any such mention by the host of pro-abortion eulogists.

 In fact Eagleton, in that same letter, actually managed to reach from the grave in the 12th hour no less, to take a final swipe at the Catholic Church, with whom he battled publicly in the year before his death.

 In fact his betrayal cost him a funeral at the Cathedral with the Archbishop as celebrant. Instead it was the Jesuits who would accommodate him. One can only wonder if the St. Louis Jesuits would have accommodated him had his betrayal been in the form of support for racial segregation. Or some other “social justice” issue: other than abortion that is.

 The words of Eagleton’s “letter from the grave” also included the idea that the Church needs to change to be “relevant” and adapt its dogma to the culture.

 And praise for the only  Archbishop know to have stood on the steps of an abortion mill, while children were being killed inside, not to stop it, but rather to instruct those who were there to rescue those children to “go home.” Perhaps they were “the Christian Right” he decried in the same letter.

 It would seem Senators Eagleton and Danforth’s betrayal of the unborn says much about why attempts to protect the unborn made such poor progress in Congress. Even the one Human Life Amendment he managed to get to a vote, failed by one vote.

 So we have the tale of two men.

 Each of whom did much good.

 Both of whom, at least on the surface, faced down much evil in their respective time.

 But who, in the end, chose to abandon the Gospel of Life for the “culture of death”.

 The final irony may well be that while the culture of death was busy canonizing Senator Eagleton and Nelson Mandela, those of us who know better will be doing the only thing that may benefit them: praying for the repose of their respective souls.

 So please join with me in prayer: May the souls of Nelson Mandela, and Senator Eagleton as well as the millions of souls of those victimized by abortionists, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.


Missing Man Formation

holocaust shoes

It is difficult at best for us to deal with death. To see the void left behind. To represent the emptiness we experience at the death of another.

I still remember as a child, the riderless horse at President Kennedy’s funeral, complete with an empty pair of boots set backwards in the stirrups.

It was an attempt to make his absence known.

For Veteran’s Day there it’s the “missing man formation”: a flyover honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

We have “Eternal” flames.

And most profound is the mound of empty shoes at the Holocaust Museum.

Representing who is missing.

It sends a shiver down your spine and chokes up even the hardiest of souls.

It is our one last attempt to make the “unseeable”, “seeable”.

To honor those who went before us.

And to grieve.

With the advent of Roe &  Doe the incidence of death by abortionists skyrocketed. Those of us in prior generations had a miniscule chance of being killed by an abortionist. While those conceived after Roe & Doe had as much as a one in three (and presently in New York a one in two!) chance of being killed by an abortionist. It is a holocaust of unimaginable proportions.

We have a lot of missing people. The emptiness is all about us. But how do we see the “unseeable”?

And what of the responsibility of those who are themselves quite literally SURVIVORS of the abortion holocaust (everyone under the age of 41 in fact).

Do they not have an even greater responsibility to face down this evil?

To be the voice of their missing peers?

Perhaps the fact that year after year those who join the March for Life seem to be getting younger and younger is an indication there is a growing awareness among the survivors that they are alive because they beat the odds and dodged the abortionists curette.

And make no mistake about it, the survivors  have a unique message about this terrible bloodletting.

It was done to their peers. To their generation.

I tell my 6th PSR religion class to never let anyone silence their voice about abortion, because it was done to them; to their generation.

But how to represent those missing peers? To make visible the invisible? To represent the unimaginable void our world has experienced by their absence?

What is the “missing man formation” for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice at the hands of abortionists?

It is a statistical fact that in every school; at every assembly; at every graduation; among every group of scientists; in every packed stadium; at every family gathering; you name the occasion: untold many are missing. In fact up to a third of all those 41 and under.

They are the “missing man generation”.

Next time you’re in a crowd, you do the math: one, two, oops GONE…four, five, six, MISSING, eight, nine, DEAD….

Not such “A Wonderful Life” is it? .

We can only imagine who/what we are missing. My PSR class wondered if the cure to cancer was cut short by an abortionists curette. And they are none too kind when they talk about those who killed their peers.

How can we possibly have a graduation without some form of recognition of those who died before their time at the hands of an abortionist?

Some kind of “missing man formation”?

Some have done it, but not many.

How about every third or fourth chair among the graduates left empty? How’s that for a visual? When they call off the names, every second or third name would be read aloud as “our unknown peer”?

I’m dead serious here.


We can never even begin to fathom the loss we’ve experienced if we don’t force ourselves to “see” it. To let it “put a damper” on everything we do. To do otherwise is to betray those who made the ultimate sacrifice and to further lull ourselves to sleep in the pot that is now at a full boil.

If Donne was right, and “any man’s death diminishes me” the void among us is almost beyond comprehension. But comprehend it we must, if we are to finally bring ourselves to pay the price necessary to bring the antidote of the Gospel of Life to a nation seeped in the “culture of death.”

We have to end this madness.


The Economy of One

A story recently surfaced of a meeting between Pope Francis and Dr. Oriente a former abortionist. Dr. Oriente met with the Pope in order to surrender his weapons of “choice” as an act of repentance. (

A glorious day indeed!

The Pope follows the example of the Good Shepherd leaving the 99 to meet with the 1. What an awesome God we have!

When I tell my PSR kids that I once shook hands with a mass murderer, they are incredulous.

That was another glorious day: the day I had the honor of meeting and chauffeuring Dr Bernard Nathanson. Nathanson was acutely aware of the horror he had perpetrated on the human race. He made no excuses for it. Admitting his involvement in the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent children. It was a burden he told Joe Scheidler he would carry to his grave.

He eventually came full circle. Like St Paul who once laid his cloak at the foot of St Stephan as he was being stoned to death, Dr Nathanson turned from his evil ways to embrace the faith for which Paul was himself martyred.

On the front lines I often remind the Deathscorts (and myself) that they could be the St. Pauls of today. But first they need to follow the example of Nathanson (and now Oriente) and surrender to the Gospel of Life.

That would be a glorious day indeed, and I would be honored to shake their hands!



Doing The Work of the Secret Service

A couple of recent experiences on the front lines of the abortion battle brought to mind Robert Fulghum’s book of short stories  “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” with the minor modification:  “All I Really Need to Know, I Learned From My 6th Grade PSR Class …. and Chris”.

My 6th Grade PSR Class viewed abortion survivor Gianna Jessen’s youtube video.

Then they answered the question “what do you think the Gianna’s of today would want you to do in response to abortion?”

Interestingly enough they did not recommend the response largely taken by my generation when abortion was “legalized” in 1973: education, lobbying, letter writing. No. Almost instinctively they took the perspective of the child: “We need to be there and stop it!”

You see, my class takes abortion personally.   They “get” the reality that like Gianna they are all survivors of this evil. Made aware that abortionists wiped out almost a third of their peers before they could be born. As they did the peers of every American under the age of 40 or so.

In fact all their answers spoke of being present at the place where abortions occur: the abortion mills. Of the need to be there! To stop it! They were passionate. And blunt. And what would they tell the mom’s and dads once they got  there? “ Don’t kill your baby!”

Getting adults to think this way (even those who are themselves survivors of the abortion holocaust) is a far greater challenge. If you have any doubts about that, drive by your local abortion mill. If it’s anything like the only freestanding abortion mill in Missouri, the sidewalk will be mostly empty. Where are those of us who know better?

I met Chris, a young man with Downs Syndrome at that abortion mill one Saturday morning. He may not know the 90% kill rate for his peers victimized by  the March of Dimes “search in order to have destroyed” mission. But  he gets it.

He is a survivor who beat incredible odds.

It was on that sidewalk in front of Planned Barrenhood’s mill that Chris also set me straight.

When I first met Chris that morning he came up and immediately gave me the prerequisite hug. Then he began to make a chopping motion with his hand and spoke of “babies” while excitedly pointing towards the nearby doors of the mill. I could not understand all of what he said so I asked him to repeat it.

It was then that he taught me “all I really need to know”. He tugged on my sleeve as if to pull me towards the doors of the mill, frantically crying out, “They’re killing babies! Let’s go stop them!”

I resisted Chris’ tugs.  My feet planted firmly on the sidewalk in a self-imposed impotence. I had no good answer for Chris as to why I remained on the sidewalk while just short distance away innocent children, perhaps some of his peers, were being brutally killed by the abortionist and his accomplices.

In less than three weeks, a half a million or so pro-lifers (I will be among them) will again descend upon Washington D.C. We will mark yet another anniversary of “legalized” abortion.

The abortionists know we’re coming.

And they know we now come in massive numbers.

Over a half a million last Jan 25th (When ironically the date for the March was moved to accommodate the inauguration of the most pro-abortion president in history).

So what do you think the abortionists will be doing that day? You got it: killing babies. It’s as if there’s an unspoken agreement between “us and them”. That we’ll be on one side of the city while across town (actually just a few blocks away), the abortionists will be killing babies. How is that possible?

How is it possible that Chris and my 6th Grade PSR class know what to do in the face of such an evil, and yet most of the rest of us don’t?

Or won’t.

There’s no time like the present to “get it”. Particularly for the children in danger of being killed today.

Imagine what will happen in D.C. this year if only a fraction of the half million or so pro-lifers there that day take the advice of Chris and my 6th Grade PSR  Class and detour a few blocks to the area mills.

I consider one such mill the President’s personal abortion mill. It’s just a few blocks from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and run by his favorite organization: Planned Barrenhood. Remember he said we have to have abortion in case he might someday need  have a grandchild killed. On the front lines (particularly in states with Parental Consent laws) we deal with such grandparents on a regular basis. Every Saturday in fact. “Hell bent” (perhaps literally) on having their grandchild killed to solve their problems.

So on Jan 22nd I plan to again pay a visit to that abortion mill and offer the loving alternative to parents and grandparents who come there. Sure wouldn’t mind some company. Perhaps tens of thousands of pro-lifers in town for the March?

Keep in mind the President’s oldest daughter is approaching 15. Perhaps we will even have the opportunity to save the life of the President’s grandchild.

Doing the work of the Secret Service.

And what should we say to the Obama’s should they show up with Malia in tow?

I can still feel Chris’ tug on my sleeve and hear my class’ frantic words: “Please don’t kill your (grand)baby!”