Doing The Work of the Secret Service

A couple of recent experiences on the front lines of the abortion battle brought to mind Robert Fulghum’s book of short stories  “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” with the minor modification:  “All I Really Need to Know, I Learned From My 6th Grade PSR Class …. and Chris”.

My 6th Grade PSR Class viewed abortion survivor Gianna Jessen’s youtube video.

Then they answered the question “what do you think the Gianna’s of today would want you to do in response to abortion?”

Interestingly enough they did not recommend the response largely taken by my generation when abortion was “legalized” in 1973: education, lobbying, letter writing. No. Almost instinctively they took the perspective of the child: “We need to be there and stop it!”

You see, my class takes abortion personally.   They “get” the reality that like Gianna they are all survivors of this evil. Made aware that abortionists wiped out almost a third of their peers before they could be born. As they did the peers of every American under the age of 40 or so.

In fact all their answers spoke of being present at the place where abortions occur: the abortion mills. Of the need to be there! To stop it! They were passionate. And blunt. And what would they tell the mom’s and dads once they got  there? “ Don’t kill your baby!”

Getting adults to think this way (even those who are themselves survivors of the abortion holocaust) is a far greater challenge. If you have any doubts about that, drive by your local abortion mill. If it’s anything like the only freestanding abortion mill in Missouri, the sidewalk will be mostly empty. Where are those of us who know better?

I met Chris, a young man with Downs Syndrome at that abortion mill one Saturday morning. He may not know the 90% kill rate for his peers victimized by  the March of Dimes “search in order to have destroyed” mission. But  he gets it.

He is a survivor who beat incredible odds.

It was on that sidewalk in front of Planned Barrenhood’s mill that Chris also set me straight.

When I first met Chris that morning he came up and immediately gave me the prerequisite hug. Then he began to make a chopping motion with his hand and spoke of “babies” while excitedly pointing towards the nearby doors of the mill. I could not understand all of what he said so I asked him to repeat it.

It was then that he taught me “all I really need to know”. He tugged on my sleeve as if to pull me towards the doors of the mill, frantically crying out, “They’re killing babies! Let’s go stop them!”

I resisted Chris’ tugs.  My feet planted firmly on the sidewalk in a self-imposed impotence. I had no good answer for Chris as to why I remained on the sidewalk while just short distance away innocent children, perhaps some of his peers, were being brutally killed by the abortionist and his accomplices.

In less than three weeks, a half a million or so pro-lifers (I will be among them) will again descend upon Washington D.C. We will mark yet another anniversary of “legalized” abortion.

The abortionists know we’re coming.

And they know we now come in massive numbers.

Over a half a million last Jan 25th (When ironically the date for the March was moved to accommodate the inauguration of the most pro-abortion president in history).

So what do you think the abortionists will be doing that day? You got it: killing babies. It’s as if there’s an unspoken agreement between “us and them”. That we’ll be on one side of the city while across town (actually just a few blocks away), the abortionists will be killing babies. How is that possible?

How is it possible that Chris and my 6th Grade PSR class know what to do in the face of such an evil, and yet most of the rest of us don’t?

Or won’t.

There’s no time like the present to “get it”. Particularly for the children in danger of being killed today.

Imagine what will happen in D.C. this year if only a fraction of the half million or so pro-lifers there that day take the advice of Chris and my 6th Grade PSR  Class and detour a few blocks to the area mills.

I consider one such mill the President’s personal abortion mill. It’s just a few blocks from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and run by his favorite organization: Planned Barrenhood. Remember he said we have to have abortion in case he might someday need  have a grandchild killed. On the front lines (particularly in states with Parental Consent laws) we deal with such grandparents on a regular basis. Every Saturday in fact. “Hell bent” (perhaps literally) on having their grandchild killed to solve their problems.

So on Jan 22nd I plan to again pay a visit to that abortion mill and offer the loving alternative to parents and grandparents who come there. Sure wouldn’t mind some company. Perhaps tens of thousands of pro-lifers in town for the March?

Keep in mind the President’s oldest daughter is approaching 15. Perhaps we will even have the opportunity to save the life of the President’s grandchild.

Doing the work of the Secret Service.

And what should we say to the Obama’s should they show up with Malia in tow?

I can still feel Chris’ tug on my sleeve and hear my class’ frantic words: “Please don’t kill your (grand)baby!”


4 thoughts on “Doing The Work of the Secret Service

  1. Timmerie

    A mutual friend shared your blog with me, thank you for writing this. As a person also active in the pro-life movement and working in a pregnancy resource center it can be very frustrating that people do not understand abortion in the simplicity of the matter. A child and young man with Downs can understand while us adults struggle. Thank you for sharing. This even gave me a good reminder that we really need to be making the best possible effort to be in front of the abortion clinics praying and counseling as often as possible.

    Thank you from a fellow blogger:


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