The Economy of One

A story recently surfaced of a meeting between Pope Francis and Dr. Oriente a former abortionist. Dr. Oriente met with the Pope in order to surrender his weapons of “choice” as an act of repentance. (

A glorious day indeed!

The Pope follows the example of the Good Shepherd leaving the 99 to meet with the 1. What an awesome God we have!

When I tell my PSR kids that I once shook hands with a mass murderer, they are incredulous.

That was another glorious day: the day I had the honor of meeting and chauffeuring Dr Bernard Nathanson. Nathanson was acutely aware of the horror he had perpetrated on the human race. He made no excuses for it. Admitting his involvement in the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent children. It was a burden he told Joe Scheidler he would carry to his grave.

He eventually came full circle. Like St Paul who once laid his cloak at the foot of St Stephan as he was being stoned to death, Dr Nathanson turned from his evil ways to embrace the faith for which Paul was himself martyred.

On the front lines I often remind the Deathscorts (and myself) that they could be the St. Pauls of today. But first they need to follow the example of Nathanson (and now Oriente) and surrender to the Gospel of Life.

That would be a glorious day indeed, and I would be honored to shake their hands!




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