Have We Had Enough?

Friday night, as I was preparing for the next day at the only remaining freestanding abortion mill in Missouri,  my Facebook page included a post by a fellow pro-lifer who used the term “pro-choice” in identifying those who support what an abortionist does to a human being .

Disheartening to say the least.

When one of our own uses the rhetoric that sustains the apartheid of abortionists.

Rhetoric that has brought us 41 years of the abortion holocaust.

It’s part of the manipulation of language that is necessary for such an atrocity to occur.

And using the language of the oppressors dishonors the oppressed.

Perpetuates the injustice.

The language of the Klan.

The Brownshirts.

The Gulag.

How are we ever going to end the nightmare of the abortion holocaust if those of us who know better, who ostensibly oppose this bloodbath, use the language of the perpetrators?

We’ve all seen it and heard it before.

By those who should know better.

But then again when’s the last time you heard even a prayer in church for those threatened by abortionists?

Saw your pastor at the abortion mill?

Or your fellow parishioners?


“Social Justice” advocates?

And we wonder why this holocaust is at 41 years and counting?

It is well past time for some soul-searching by those of us who would claim to represent  human beings under assault by abortionists.

For what we’ve done and what we’ve failed to do.

For proving Cervantes right.

For our part in the abortion holocaust.

So I prepared myself for yet another Saturday morning at the Gulag called Planned Barrenhood,  to confront the Brownshirts of “choice” who do the work of the Klan (killing Black children at five times the rate of White) and who in a year, kill over four times as many human beings worldwide as all those the Brownshirts ever manged to kill.

When I arrived at the mill on Saturday, after a few minutes of prayer-warrior company, in a metropolitan area of over 2.8 million people, I was….


Unless you count the 6 Deathscorts.

And of course the abortionist and her co-conspirators.

Add to that the two police officers who detained and threatened to arrest me for “peace disturbance”.

And you end up with what 41 years of the abortion holocaust has brought us:

A body count of at least 57 million,

pro-lifers using the language of the oppressors,

and opposing what Mother Teresa called the “Greatest Destroyer of Peace” now considered peace disturbance.

Oddly, at that moment, because of the absence of the “church” on that sidewalk, had the officers made good on their threat, there would have been no one there to disturb the false “peace” of the abortionists.

Have we had……




18 thoughts on “Have We Had Enough?

  1. Sheila Buxton

    Another point in the rhetoric of the abortion death machine, is that they call Pre-Born babies “unborn”, as though they are meant to stay that way: perpetually un-born. We as a People of Life must no longer adhere to the pro-death movement’s filthy references of Human Beings who are very much Pre-Born, awaiting the day of their Birth!

    1. wilhelmina vredenburg

      I would not expect my priest to be involved ,some have to go to to 3 different churches can have the holy mass.Some ofour parish traveled 40 miles to say the rosary ,outside the clinic ,ln Bendigo,Australia>Some of the nurses ,on lunch break would give them the thumb up for approval They done it for 2 years ,the result being ,they closed shop,no dr would do the abortions anymore.Dont be negative ,Lots of good things are happening ass well.Our priest invited all the people of our parish to pray al 4 rosarys at night in front of the cross,so the bill would not be past,for abortion ,.A lott of people ?? no they are always the same.Well the bill go past .So many people work hard. .We should not judge our priests ,who are we to judge ..A priest first priorities should be his flock.As far as i can see there have been many clinics closed,,and i say thanks be to God.

      1. jptryan Post author

        I think it would be awesome for our priests to join us on the front lines. Even our military have chaplains who join them in battle. In fact in St. Louis one of the few priests who make it to the mill on a regular basis is a Navy chaplain who was previously deployed to minister to Marines in Afghanistan. It’s hard to imagine that ANY able bodied person, in the midst of such a holocaust, wouldn’t find themselves on the front lines trying to stop it or at least ensuring that those who die in spite of our efforts, die surrounded by some who honor and respect them for the unrepeatable images of God they are. Having said that, at this point I would be thrilled to at least hear a regular pray acknowledging their plight and challenges and encouragement from that pulpit to do something about it. Here in St. Louis, we don’t have the priest shortage that you describe. God bless your priests for calling the people to prayer. That’s what I’m talking about! And more of it. The fact is, abortion will end just as segregation ended in this country: when Christians and all people of good will decide it will. We need to take our cue from Dr. Martin Luther King. God bless.

  2. kaseyjackson

    We all have different ways to approach the abortion debate. And I choose to respect the “pro-choice” person, and their view. I never use the term pro-abortion, unless the person that I am speaking with uses it first.The only reason that they have the view that they have is because they are DECEIVED. Some people may disagree, but I believe that it is exceptionally rare to find someone that is inherently evil. Most of them are only fighting for what they believe is right. It’s our job to change their hearts, not condemn them.

    We all have our different fighting strategies in this terrible, terrible war.


    And this author’s reply to Karsey’s comments:


    Thanks for viewing my blog and sharing your thoughts.

    We’ve had 41 years of debating about what an abortionist does to an unborn child. And I am not suggesting that we engage in further debate. First and foremost we must stop it. NOW!

    The fruits of 41 years of debate is 57 million dead children and counting. Had Dr. King employed such a strategy we’d still be debating whether Blacks are fully human.

    Of course we respect those who support what an abortionist does to an unborn child. But I will not join in their deception by using their deceptive language. Much less “respect their view.” Doing so not only dishonors the victims of abortionists it actually contributes to the very deception which you suggest is the most common reason for their support for this bloodbath.

    No one is inherently evil. Not even the abortionists. Or the segregationists Dr. King confronted. They too were fighting for what they believed was right. But they were wrong. Dead wrong. And the child is no less dead because those who support her demise are well intentioned.

    I hope and pray their hearts are changed. But the children who are in danger of being killed today can’t afford to wait for that to happen.

    My point is that when we live in a world in which such a holocaust is occurring, EVERY able bodied person of good will needs to be on the front lines. We can and should do all the other wonderful things people such as yourself do, including all the alternatives we provide.

    My added challenge is to the generation who SURVIVED the holocaust that took the lives of so many of their peers. I believe they have an added responsibility to be on the front lines. And a VOICE that can speak to this holocaust like none other. And to them I also offer my sincere and profound apology for the lousy job my generation did of protecting their peers. Even those of us on the front lines lost our nerve. But, as I tell every mother, father and grandparent who entered the only remaining freestanding abortion mill in Missouri this morning: “It’s not too late.”


    God bless you and your family.

  3. Kasey Jackson- Pro-Life Advocate & Author

    I disagree. I think that debate is the only thing that is going to make much of a change to anything. Because no matter what anyone says, we can fight the battles in front of the Planned Parenthood Clinics, but the war is ultimately going to me won or lost in a courtroom. And to win the war in court, we’ll have to win the debate. We just have to know how to win.

    (See my last post for my thoughts on this issue) http://wp.me/pRVYm-hx

    1. jptryan Post author

      So you agree we must sacrifice “the few” for the many? And how would you justify that to the Gianna Jessen’s of today. I’ve been in this “war” for 41 years and what you are saying is EXACTLY what was said 41 years ago by those who led the movement. We have a body count of over 57 MILLION innocent human beings as a result of that “strategy.” Fact is the best way to win this “war” is to show up on the battlefield. What would you say to the Gianna Jessen’s of today? I am horrified to think that such a failed strategy of betrayal is still even being considered. If we are faithful to the duties of any people of decency and rescue those being dragged to the slaughter, the political battle will be won. The Nazi holocaust was not won in a courtroom. Slavery was finally crushed by a terrible bloodletting. And I am to believe from history that the greatest holocaust in the history of the world will be won……by a lawyer in a courtroom?I’m afraid history is not on your side. (this is a bit terse I’m afraid as I wrote it in a hurry this morning while preparing to go to the abortion mill in St. Louis)

      1. Kasey Jackson- Pro-Life Advocate & Author

        I disagree. I have a blog post that is coming out soon that will explain WHY I disagree.

        I hope you will follow my blog and read with an open mind.

        Again, I believe that we’re all in this together if we’re fighting for the unborn.

  4. Sheila Buxton

    So Kasie is going to explain why courts and lawyers are more powerful than prayer? To Kasie: try getting on your knees and #PraytoEndAbortion in your tweets, a prayer in every one. It is God who decide as He is the only judge who really counts, especially when it involves the souls of those who debase themselves by bowing to courts and the “pro-choice” false idol a/k/a satan.

    1. jptryan Post author

      The irony is that it was lawyers and courts that got us into this mess. Or at least thought they could “legalize” this terrorist activity. Then the rest of us bought into their fiction by spending the next 41 years and counting begging the same lawyers, legislators and courts to grant back the rights they never had the right to take away in the first place…and piecemeal at that. If we are really serious about ending this madness it can be done, but it will take real sacrifice. The kind our fellow Christians were willing to do to put an end to the evil of racial segregation. Our lot will be more difficult because the media works against us. Some (much?) of that is our own fault as we waited over 4 decades to finally decide Enough! We now have a half a million or so show up in D.C. at least once a year. Imagine for just a second the kind of social tension which would be created if we just refused to leave until the killing stops. The only reason that sounds crazy is because we allowed it to go on so long we think it’s impossible- like the notion that the “Iron Curtain” would ever fall in the 1960’s/70’s. Even the oppressive Communists finally had to bow to the will of the people. It was a spiritual and strategic victory, engineered with the help of Pope John Paul II, a whole lot of Rosaries, and the people peacefully occupying places like Gdansk. The latter is what remains largely lacking in the battle to put an end to what abortionists do to human beings. It’s like we’re in a war with plenty of warriors but no one in charge is willing to tell us what we need to do. To help us believe in ourselves and trust in God to provide. It’s not an either/or, it’s a both/and- continue fighting this holocaust on all fronts (including legislation/courts/education/etc) AND create the kind of social tension necessary to put an end to a social injustice of this magnitude. We have to end this madness. Enough!

  5. Ann Couper-Johnston

    My pet hate is the term “termination of pregnancy”. There is absolutely NO NEED to terminate a pregnancy: pregnancy comes to an end when the baby is born and usually that happens without any intervention apart from those who are there to make sure everything goes well and to intervene if it doesn’t. Terminate a pregnancy and you terminate a baby, a wee human being. Is nine months of your life really too much to sacrifice to save a life – people risk their lives to rescue a mere dog from danger, but they are willing to kill human beings. I can be prosecuted for killing a rat if I cause it unnecessary suffering in the process, yet if wish to kill my baby I will be pushed into it without any questions being asked.

    1. Sheila Buxton

      Anyone who uses the term “Pro-Choice” is extremely ignorant or they have already decided that they have no desire to do the Will of God, both of which, I have no intention of engaging in conversation, unless we are stuck together alone for 10 years. “Pro-Choice” to me, means devil-talk. Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2014 19:25:09 +0000 To: sheilabuxton@live.com

  6. John

    So take back the conversation and the language! PP came up with the term ” pro- choice” as I understand from a $1,000,000 Marketing plan. So steal it from them. Stop using the word PRO and switch to FOR. “Are you FOR-Choice”? Well yes I am! And WHAT choice is that?—–

    Are you FOR- Life? Well yes I am, who wouldn’t be????????

    Actually EVERYONE is FOR-Life and FOR Choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone PICKS times when they are for life- the life of their children, the life of their employee who helps them makes lots of money, the person who built their big car, the person that built their home and cleans their house. So EVERYONE is FOR Life– but we just pick and choose when it fits what we want.

    And WE ARE ALL For Choice too. We ALL like to make our own choices don’t we? What we eat, what is in our food, what time we get up, what time we go to sleep, how much money we give to charities, how we spend our time?????

    So ENOUGH of allowing PP and theirs to run the chat. Come Holy Spirit and FILL us with your words and BLOW open the false LIES that we are living simply because no one is ASKING the right questions. Let’s have the talk and take it to the corners and roof tops.

    Sorry for the rant.

    1. jptryan Post author

      Your prayer to the Holy Spirit is right on. As to asking the right questions, one- so far unanswered, question that I ask all the time at the mill is “Have you ever seen what an abortionist does to a human being?” Deathscorts turn a deaf ear. Neighbors want to talk about their peace being disturbed. Even the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, tasked with monitoring the mill, avoided even looking to the point that by the time they did they found rusted vacuum suction machines, medications that were over a year expired, and a trainee abortionist who for the better part of the year had been sending moms to the hospital at an alarming rate. When informed of this the media also looked the other way. Betraying women and children alike. But we need to keep asking those questions. Relentlessly. There is a reason they have no answer. And every time they once again have no answer, they have another opportunity to come to grips with the horror they are perpetrating and LEAVE, like the Good Thief, while they still can. As to our fellow pro-lifers- we need to ask each other lots of questions as well, until we find, and DO the answer to what a Christian is called to do about what an abortionist does to a human being. God bless you.

  7. Jovan

    He who controls language, controls thought! I have argued this point for 40 years, not only regarding the death culture but the feminazis, etc. ‘Pro-choice’, ‘Gay’, ‘Ms’, ‘Gender neutral language’, are all attempts at changing the way people think. ‘Marriage is the one most under attack today. A few months ago I got into a fight on a forum regarding the word. A fellow had said that marriage was between a man and a woman. Another member said, ‘Well, that’s your opinion’. I replied that 40 years ago it was the opinion of 99% of the world’s population and every dictionary definition and law in existence. A homosexual member of the forum, who supports ‘gay marriage’, came to my defence and pointed out that I was correct.

    If someone had told me when I was in my 20s that unrepentant sodomites would be able to ‘marry’ in my lifetime, I would have called the men in the white coats, but ‘He who controls language, controls thought’!


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