Paying the Price for “Choice”

A debate is coming at Purdue questioning whether what abortionists do to human beings is a “Human Rights Injustice.” The professor who pro-proposes to support this barbaric act actually proves my point from this old blog by using the canard of “choice” as his defense. Please read and most importantly pass this on. We need to end this madness !

My Brothers Keeper

On Wednesday, January 22, 2014, the 41st anniversary of the infamous Roe and Doe decisions, I stood on the doorstep of President Obama’s neighborhood abortion mill (Downtown DC Planned Barrenhood) and reflected on the shallowness of the pro-aborts rhetoric.

And the sheepishness of those of us who would claim to oppose what abortionists do to unborn children.

41 years later the abortionists still have the same old tired shallow rhetoric.



That’s it.

I kid you not.

College professors who pride themselves on their intellectual depth: same tired rhetoric.

U.S. Senators? You got it.

How about the leader of the free world? Same, same.

And with that, abortionists and their apologists have been given a free pass to kill almost 57 MILLION human beings.

So I asked the Deathscorts there, whose rhetoric is so old even the words “pro-choice” on their vests is faded, “What choice does your abortionist…

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