Doing The Work of the Secret Service

Few have read this tribute to Gianna Jessen, survivor of an abortionist’s attempt to kill her. Gianna is the “Silent Scream” who is silent no longer.

My Brothers Keeper

A couple of recent experiences on the front lines of the abortion battle brought to mind Robert Fulghum’s book of short stories  “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” with the minor modification:  “All I Really Need to Know, I Learned From My 6th Grade PSR Class …. and Chris”.

My 6th Grade PSR Class viewed abortion survivor Gianna Jessen’s youtube video.

Then they answered the question “what do you think the Gianna’s of today would want you to do in response to abortion?”

Interestingly enough they did not recommend the response largely taken by my generation when abortion was “legalized” in 1973: education, lobbying, letter writing. No. Almost instinctively they took the perspective of the child: “We need to be there and stop it!”

You see, my class takes abortion personally.   They “get” the reality that like Gianna they are all survivors of this evil. Made…

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