Have We Had Enough?

Have you had enough of the violence of abortionists? If so, read and forward. If not, take a good look at what an abortionist does to a human being.

My Brothers Keeper

Friday night, as I was preparing for the next day at the only remaining freestanding abortion mill in Missouri,  my Facebook page included a post by a fellow pro-lifer who used the term “pro-choice” in identifying those who support what an abortionist does to a human being .

Disheartening to say the least.

When one of our own uses the rhetoric that sustains the apartheid of abortionists.

Rhetoric that has brought us 41 years of the abortion holocaust.

It’s part of the manipulation of language that is necessary for such an atrocity to occur.

And using the language of the oppressors dishonors the oppressed.

Perpetuates the injustice.

The language of the Klan.

The Brownshirts.

The Gulag.

How are we ever going to end the nightmare of the abortion holocaust if those of us who know better, who ostensibly oppose this bloodbath, use the language of the perpetrators?

We’ve all seen…

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One thought on “Have We Had Enough?

  1. Sheila Buxton

    Enough? One was enough! The blood of innocent babies covers the earth, and you and I, my brothers and sisters, are wading in it! Prayer is the ONLY answer. Pray as #ProLife peoples when you #PraytoEndAbortion


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