The Abortion Censors

Ireland is fighting to hold back the juggernaut of abortionists preying upon its children. As always the abortionists seek to censor those who would stand in their way. Stand strong pro-life Ireland.

My Brothers Keeper

At the abortion mill we offer moms and dads (and grandparents for that matter) information on help that’s available as well as facts on abortion.

The “Deathscorts” routinely take that literature away from the parents who accept it from us. All this  while wearing bibs that celebrates “choice”.


Now how can a mom truly make an informed choice if she doesn’t have all the information?

In fact if the “pro-choice” advocates really support “choice” shouldn’t they be the ones handing out information on all the resources available to moms?

For that matter if they really wanted to make sure moms are able to make an “informed choice” why aren’t they the ones showing the graphic pictures of what an abortionist does to an unborn child?

After all that’s the “choice” called abortion. It’s done to the child.

It is the child the abortionist dismembers, poisons and/or otherwise kills.

The abortionist doesn’t do an ultrasound…

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