On Poverty

It is a Real Poverty…..

My Brothers Keeper

It is the feast of the Holy Innocents.

Remembering the children who were ruthlessly killed in Herod’s effort to continue living as he had been.

Threatened by the presence of a little Child.

An unwanted child (by Herod anyway) who brought THE inconvenient Truth to a world seeped in sin. The Truth of forgiveness, redemption, and true Peace on earth.

A Truth that  Herod knew would not allow him to continue living as he had been.

Herod’s final solution was effected with swords: cutting, dismembering and otherwise killing innocent children.

As I begin this post it is less hand an hour before I will again be on the sidewalk of the only remaining freestanding abortion mill in Missouri: Planned Barrenhood.

I will finish this post after that experience. But I go into it knowing that I will be there among today’s holy innocents whose lives also hang in the balance.

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