Holocaust deniers

It is remarkable that generations after the horror of the Nazi holocaust there are still deniers. Those who would claim that holocaust never occurred. We shake our heads in disbelief.

But those deniers have nothing on the abortion holocaust deniers.

After all, one denies what they cannot see but the other denies what they will not see.

I had “friends” who posted on Facebook that pictures of what an abortionist does to a human being are “trick photography”.

Exactly what do they think an abortionists’ currette, vacuum suction machine, and/or deadly chemicals do to a human being?

I remember a time when looking at an ultrasound picture was something akin to cloud watching.

But now baby’s first picture is a 4d ultrasound that leaves nothing to the imagination.

It is speaks volumes about just  how far we’ve stooped to think that every year over a million baby’s first pictures are now taken by those who would dismember, decapitate, poison and otherwise kill them. Portraits left in the trash, instead of proudly displayed on the mantle.

In less barbaric times parents went to Sears Portrait Studios for baby’s first picture.

Remember the motto of the so-called women’s liberation movement: “You’ve come a long way baby”? Amazing, without even realizing it, they managed to include the human being over whose body that “liberation” was to occur.

Of course only an oppressor would claim such a bloodbath as liberation.

But there’s another group of deniers.

Perhaps the most hideous of all.

Those who deny with our behavior.

The pastors who, week after week, fail to include these innocent human beings in the prayers of the faithful. Really? Not even a prayer? Surely there’s not a holocaust going on.

The faithful who, in over 41 years, have never even made it to the front lines. By doing so we manage to convince one another that there can’t really be a holocaust going on. And we wonder what the Christian church was doing during the Nazi holocaust?

The empty sidewalks that fuel the denial of arriving parents, grandparents as well as neighbors and passersby. After all, there can’t possibly be anything wrong going on there if the place looks like a dentist office. Much less a holocaust.

If we are not denies, then we should act like it.

James says “faith without works is dead” (James 2:26).

He didn’t say wounded.



He said Dead.



No wonder James is not the favorite of many Christians.

But the only difference between James words in this respect and Jesus’ is that Jesus elaborates.

Have you read the Sermon on the Mount lately?

The Gospel calls us to live in a certain way.

And warns us that to not live that way leads to…..death.

In the case of the abortion holocaust that death is not only our own spiritual death but the deaths of innocent human beings victimized by abortionists and the holocaust deniers.

So if you’re not a holocaust denier, start acting like it.

We have to end this madness.


2 thoughts on “Holocaust deniers

  1. jptryan Post author

    Reblogged this on My Brothers Keeper and commented:

    Some argue that what an abortionist does to a human being is “legal” as if anyone has the right to deny an unalienable right. They would then likewise have to hold that what the Nazis did, since THEY couched it in law, was also “legal.” Not to mention that slavery was “legal” because the Supreme Court of the U.S. declared it so in its infamous Dred Scott decision. Can’t have it both ways. Read on.


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