Holocaust deniers

Some argue that what an abortionist does to a human being is “legal” as if anyone has the right to deny an unalienable right. They would then likewise have to hold that what the Nazis did, since THEY couched it in law, was also “legal.” Not to mention that slavery was “legal” because the Supreme Court of the U.S. declared it so in its infamous Dred Scott decision. Can’t have it both ways. Read on.

My Brothers Keeper

It is remarkable that generations after the horror of the Nazi holocaust there are still deniers. Those who would claim that holocaust never occurred. We shake our heads in disbelief.

But those deniers have nothing on the abortion holocaust deniers.

After all, one denies what they cannot see but the other denies what they will not see.

I had “friends” who posted on Facebook that pictures of what an abortionist does to a human being are “trick photography”.

Exactly what do they think an abortionists’ currette, vacuum suction machine, and/or deadly chemicals do to a human being?

I remember a time when looking at an ultrasound picture was something akin to cloud watching.

But now baby’s first picture is a 4d ultrasound that leaves nothing to the imagination.

It is speaks volumes about just  how far we’ve stooped to think that every year over a million baby’s first pictures are…

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