You need to talk to a slave about slavery

And the pro-life movement decided in 1973 to rely on the political system to end what abortionists do to human beings. To end the holocaust the Supreme Court unleashed upon this nation. Any guess how that turned out?
We were worse than fools. For we bargained not with our own lives, but with the lives of millions of innocent human beings.
We ignored the warnings of George Orwell “.  And they paid for it with their lives.
I met New Zealand on the sidewalk of Planned Barrenhood last Saturday. Not sure where he and his lady friend were going, so I engaged them in conversation, explaining why we were there. “You wouldn’t be going there would you?” at which point I guessed the accent of Australia,  but was corrected “New Zealand.”
“We don’t agree with what you’re doing.” he said.”We’re pro-choice you see.” He then went on and on about the mother’s rights this and the mother’s rights that. At which point I interrupted,
“You need to speak to a slave about slavery.”
He looked a bit surprised as if he’d never heard that before. I then explained that Gianna Jessen had spoken in nearby Australia several years earlier in an unsuccessful effort to prevent a widening of the abortion holocaust there. I recommended he watch the YouTube video from Gianna’s speech regarding the former in order to hear the “slave’s” perspective.
I also asked (as I usually do) if he had ever seen what an abortionist does to a human being. He had not. I told him he needed to look so he would know what he was supporting.
At that suggestion he  became indignant and with great feeling proclaimed
“The world is far too populated!”
and started to leave. I motioned for him to stay, and shared with him that a speaker I once heard observed that he found it odd that those who proclaimed the world over-populated never offer themselves to do something about it, they always want someone else to be eliminated. Silence. I again reminded him of Gianna’s YouTube video and we parted company.
Another consequence of our misguided and historically challenged response to the murderous reality of the abortion holocaust: the export of that bloodbath “down under.” Complete with the hollow deceptive rhetoric of “choice” and the canard of “overpopulation.”
The world-wide consequence of our inadequate and historically challenged response to the abortionists’ holocaust. One that has made murder respectable.
We have to end this madness.

2 thoughts on “You need to talk to a slave about slavery

  1. Liz Gentry

    Thank you for sharing the truth about abortion. I have experienced one myself first-hand, and if Americans knew the ugly, murderous experience that it really is, abortion would not be an issue in this country. I have shared my testimony only a few times…at a Pregnancy Support Center banquet in my county, at my very large baptist church and with a women’s group at a different church in our town. Sharing the truth about abortion and its long-term effects is gratifying, but sharing God’s mercy and what that mercy means to me is my deepest desire. One day it is my prayer that there will be a memorial in Washington DC for all of the unborn children our country has legally put to death in the name of “choice”. With all of the “rights” we have as Americans, this right to choose should be something we hear about on the news, or in our cities and neighborhoods of people actually doing. So why do we never hear of anyone exercising their right to choose? IF CHOOSING AN ABORTION IS SUCH A FREEDOM OF OURS IN THIS COUNTRY, WHY WILL NO ONE TALK ABOUT IT??!!!!! Because dear blogger, we all know it is wrong.
    I just found your blog today and I am excited to read it. I may start my own!
    liz gentry, salisbury, nc

    1. jptryan Post author

      Liz, I’m saddened by your loss. God bless you as you continue to heal. Two of my best friends are healing from the horror of what an abortionist did to their children and their involvement in that murder. The memorial is a great idea as much of our work is to make visible that which our world seeks to hide. Maddeningly this includes many of our own who seek to speak about what an abortionist does to a human being in an inoffensive way, actually arguing against showing pictures of the victims, thereby victimizing them yet again by making them invisible. We have to end this madness.


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