Our Upside Down World

Life in the shadow of Babel.

Only today we use the same words but change the meaning to speak different languages.

And not just at abortion mills.

I’ve spoken to many doctors who invoke “do no harm” to explain their decision to not feed or hydrate a human being diagnosed with dementia. And so they do just that. “Harmful” now means to keep alive a human being with dementia. Why? Because their life is not considered worth living. A notion that undoubtedly has Hippocrates spinning in his grave. Of course the cause of death is listed  as “complications of dementia.”

How is it that we devolved to the point that It’s now considered malpractice to provide the accepted medical standard of care to certain human beings? Considered wasting “limited resources” such as food and water on the “useless eaters” of today.

The Nazis are despised for what they did. Doctors of today are(?)…reimbursed by insurance companies.

Today It’s crazy to stand outside an abortion mill and offer to help solve the problems of those who come there,  But perfectly sane to stand on the parking lot of the self-same mill, wearing a “pro-choice” vest in order to prevent mom’s from learning about help that’s available.

Analogies can be tricky when it comes to abortion. After all there is nothing, in the history of the world, that compares to the horror of what an abortionist does to a human being. In either brutality or scope.  Nothing. And yet in our Babel, over 67 million innocent human beings crushed, dismembered, beheaded, poisoned and otherwise killed is not a holocaust.

The unimaginable horror I just described is perfectly “legal“. Standing between the intended victim and her waiting assassin? A federal crime.

What an abortionist does to a human being is celebrated, but showing pictures of that which is celebrated is considered…… offensive.

Those who abuse children are perpetrators and universally despised but those who abuse children to death are simply called providers.

And the accepted words to describe the place where innocent human beings are tortured to death by abortionists include “facility” or “clinic”,but most certainly not mill.

That’s reserved for puppies.

We have to end this madness.





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