Gianna Jessen is coming to St. Louis

OK family and friends, here’s the official invitation to the upcoming Gianna Jessen opportunity in St. Louis.

The Nettles clan have jumped out to a sizable lead (thanks Maureen, Jessie, Jackie and Josh), but the Rapps are out of the box (Monica, Shannon and Danny) with Shane toying with the longest drive award (250 miles). The Ryans are holding our own (thanks to Linda, Beth and yours truly). “Friends” are ahead of everybody as they’re approaching 2 tables.

As to my many other family members? It’s time to step up to the plate.

I told my medical team at work about Gianna. No reaction. Really? This woman survived an un-survivable attempt on her life. She is one of only a handful of the 67 MILLION attacked by abortionists to live, much less speak about it.

So why no shock?

Ask yourself what your reaction was the first time you learned about Gianna?

Were you shocked?

Did it raise the hair on the back of your neck?

If you’re like most of the people I’ve told about her…..

Not so much.

Most show interest of course, but NO ONE, not one person I’ve told has responded with shock.


None of that.

I spoke with Joe Scheidler about that today. He’s noticed a similar phenomenon among those who know better. Those of us who seek to live the Gospel of Life. We agreed that over the years WE’VE gotten used to what an abortionist does to a human being. We’ve managed to work our daily lives around it.  We’ve been affected by living amongst the culture of death for over 4 decades. And we’ve been affected by our collectively tepid response to this horror of unimaginable magnitude.

So in addition to a need to be there to honor Gianna for doing the impossible and the suffering she’s continued to endure from the abortionist’s attempt on her life…….

we need to be there FOR US.

We have to get over being USED to this horror. We will never end this madness as long as we continue to allow ourselves to be as used to abortion as the abortionists are.

Perhaps that’s why as you read this you’re thinking ‘We’ll never end this anyway, so let’s just cut our losses and make the best of it.’

Wrong. You seriously want to pass this mess on to yet another generation?

You think you have no more  responsibility as a survivor of this holocaust?

So do yourself a favor and overrule all those very legitimate reasons in your life why you can’t be there on May 1st, and show up.

Set aside all the significant inconveniences that coming to the dinner will entail. It’s totally impractical. I have no doubt.

Be there anyway.

Find a babysitter if you have to.

Reschedule or flat out miss those other responsibilities that are tugging at you that night. Do the ridiculous. The unexpected. And be there.

You owe it to….YOURSELF….YOUR KIDS….and the rest of us as we help each other become “un-used” to the unthinkable.

Love you guys, or I wouldn’t be such a nuisance about this.

Uncle/Papa John aka Dad


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