God is not dead

One thing we can say for sure on the front lines of the abortion holocaust: God is not dead.

Goodness is dead among those who perpetuate this terrible bloodletting.

But not God.

At the same time it is clear on the front lines that fascism is alive and well.

As abortionists and their co-conspirators wage a war on reality itself.

A war on decency.

A war on humanity.

Like racists, those who support what an abortionist does to a human being are blinded by their own hardened hearts.

Their reasoning powers long since atrophied.

Having had many conversations with deathscorts and abortionists (and for that matter- moms, dads and grandparents such as those at Planned Barrenhood this morning). I now know exactly what it was like to reason with members of the Klan. Or for that matter Nazis.

No pun- abortionists’ preconceived beliefs allow them to suspend reality to perpetuate a holocaust.

Then, after piecing back together the head, torso, and limbs of a human being they just murdered, they step outside their mill and protest that our images of that brutality are in poor taste or manufactured. They use bedding sheets (how appropriate), Facebook posts, or what the heck- the media, to control…..THOUGHT.

And what of those who dare to think differently?

Ask Brenden Eich (out at Firefox). Bob Casey (censored by his own Democrat Party). The Little Sisters of the Poor. Joe Scheidler. The Walgreen pharmacists.

Of course we’ve all had experiences with some in our own families self-censoring themselves from our thoughts. Been defriended lately?

In this world of thought control words mean what the fascists want them to mean.

I had a conversation with a co-worker years ago. He bragged about how he was an “ex-priest” who wrote an op-ed against the Catholic Bishops and went about giving talks on homosexuality. He offered me a copy of his treatise. Upon reading it I pointed out that he had completely misrepresented the Church’s position. “Words” he said, dismissing me, “just words.”

So how to communicate with those who just make it up as they go along? I knew that as long as my co-worker clung to his abuse of basic human reasoning, communication was futile. I decided the best I could do was to pray for him. And redouble my efforts to restore some sense of sanity to a world seeped in self-deception.

The fact of the beginning of a human being’s life interferes with the “contraceptive” agenda?  Just re-invent the beginning. Bingo. IUD’s and “the pill” no longer act as abortifacients. Meanwhile these very same pseudo-scientists, when it serves their purpose, brag about creating “human life” in test tubes and petri dishes.

So which is it? Inception or implantation?

“It depends.”

Somebody pinch me.

These modern-day alchemists seamlessly morph their study of the natural world with philosophy and pragmatism, and insist the resultant intellectual elixir is “science”. They hawk this pseudo-science at our universities. Medical schools. Pharmaceutical companies. And now from the bench of the Supreme Court.

Fascism is indeed alive and well. Perpetuated by totalitarians who are intolerant for the sake of “tolerance”. Never letting “inconvenient truths” get in the way.

In closing, a word of caution for those who take solace in dodging this bullet. These fascists have long since been at it on the other end of life as well. The murder of Teri Schaivo was but the tip of that iceberg.

We have to end this madness.



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