God is not dead

A quick edit

My Brothers Keeper

One thing we can say for sure on the front lines of the abortion holocaust: God is not dead.

Goodness is dead among those who perpetuate this terrible bloodletting.

But not God.

At the same time it is clear on the front lines that fascism is alive and well.

As abortionists and their co-conspirators wage a war on reality itself.

A war on decency.

A war on humanity.

Like racists, those who support what an abortionist does to a human being are blinded by their own hardened hearts.

Their reasoning powers long since atrophied.

Having had many conversations with deathscorts and abortionists (and for that matter- moms, dads and grandparents such as those at Planned Barrenhood this morning). I now know exactly what it was like to reason with members of the Klan. Or for that matter Nazis.

No pun- abortionists’ preconceived beliefs allow them to suspend reality to perpetuate…

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