Mothers Day Weekend 2014 at Planned Barrenhood

Mothers Day 2014 Planned Barrenhood

Mothers Day at Planned Barrenhood 2014

No bouquets were offered to the moms at Planned Barrenhood on this Mothers Day weekend in St. Louis. Although it appeared they were having a Mothers Day special: the parking lot was packed. Well into the morning parents and families continued to arrive to have their children killed.

What a bizarre way to celebrate Mothers Day weekend.

Not one Deathscort offered a Happy Mothers Day greeting to the 30 or so moms who arrived.

I did.

In fact it was my first greeting to each of the moms:

“Happy Mother’s Day a day early!”

And to the dads,

“Happy Fathers Day a month early, dad!”

With the usual offer of whatever they need across the street in the Thrive mobile medical center.

And a reminder that: “You will  remember this day EVERY Mothers and Fathers Day the rest of your lives. It’s not too late to make it a happy memory.”

Odd, we normally don’t think twice to extend a “Happy Mothers Day” greeting, even to complete strangers. If mom is “showing” we typically glance at the evidence, smile, and offer the greeting. All of these moms were “showing.”

Why no bouquets at the abortion mill?

No celebration?

No exchange of due dates?

A room full of moms. Sitting together in a packed waiting room. All expecting. And yet all know better than to wish one  another a happy Mothers Day.

In fact on this day before Mothers Day in the United States, the greatest concentration of expectant moms is at

……..your neighborhood abortion mill.

And they come together

….to have their children killed.

And tomorrow, as we all celebrate Mothers Day, all of these moms will still be mothers (Perhaps some will be at your family celebrations?).  Those who refuse to protect their children from the abortionist will simply be mothers of dead children.

Children who died at their mother’s own hands.

Hands that were meant to touch, caress, and protect their children.

Hands that instead picked up the phone to hire the executioner.

Steered the car not once, but twice to the mill to effect the execution.

Hands that signed the death certificate.

And hands that remained at her side failing to block the abortionist as she moved towards her child to kill him.

I wonder how each of these moms will celebrate Mothers Day tomorrow?

Thanking HER mom for the gift of life with which she blessed her?

Not bothering of course to ask the circumstances of her own conception:

Was she “planned”?;

Was her mom raped?;

Did her mother endure financial hardships?;

Did she have to put school or other dreams aside?

Sell her new car?;

Move into a smaller house to make ends meet?.

And perhaps the greatest irony of all:

20 or 30 years ago was her mother at this same since relocated RHS abortion mill, but  dissuaded from having HER killed by the same activists whose pleas she ignored today?

For a few, they could just ask their mom, on the spot: as their mother brought THEM to the abortion mill today to kill her grandchild. THREE generations at the abortion mill! I invited them to have that conversation.

Imagine the conspiracy of silence between these mothers, as the two generations covertly conspired to kill the third. And the tension at that Mothers Day celebration.

Abortion mills are as awash with irony as they are  with the blood of the innocent.

Where were you this Mothers Day weekend?

We have to end this madness.




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