Joe Scheidler’s “Closed” Tour 2014

A history lesson.

My Brothers Keeper

Joe Scheidler, the godfather of Pro life activism came to town several weeks ago to see his partner in crime Gianna Jessen, survivor of an abortionists attempt on her life.  Joe met Gianna when she was just a teen and honored her at that time for all she had been through and for her courage in speaking out on behalf of her peers who even today are under assault in abortion mills around the world. Gianna is a formidable opponent of those who would perpetrate such a holocaust. Joe is no slouch in that category either. Sued many times by abortionists and their cohorts. Dragged thru courts for DECADES in the ultimate tribute to his efforts to stop abortionists and protect those being dragged to the slaughter.   Joe literally wrote the book on how to stop the abortionists dead in their tracks regardless of what Congress, our partial birth…

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