No Greater Love

A tale of two worlds.

I encountered two abortion involved moms over a 72 hour period this past week. The experience says it all about abortion. And has my head swirling.

One mom was willing to sacrifice her life for her child.

The other sacrificed her child’s life for her own.

I met her at the entrance of Planned Barrenhood on Saturday morning. She was Hindu, complete with tilaka and sari.  She was there to have her child killed.  I had encountered her husband two weeks before as he pushed their one year old in a stroller on this same sidewalk.  That day, while we spoke, his wife was inside the mill working out the contract for today’s “hit”. Safely nestled in her womb was her son’s sibling. Neither child aware of what their mom and dad were conspiring to do.

I know all this because I spoke at length with their dad. Twice. Each time he began with a lie, It seems truth is the first victim of the war on unborn as well. “We’re not here for that (abortion)”. When I called him on it he immediately came clean.

It seems this child had come along a bit sooner than they wanted. “Too soon” he pleaded, pointing to his older child and noting he was “only one year old.”  That was the sum and substance of his argument. Bad timing. That was it. No “hard case” here. Just bad timing. Cold blooded selfishness. And a child dies.

72 hours later I met a mom from the baby boom generation.

Hers was a remarkable story.

It seems 35 years ago when three months pregnant she was diagnosed with cancer.

It was a Catholic hospital she said but the doctor pointed to the abortion mill across the street, recommending she kill her son to save her life.

She noted even her parents failed her.

But she knew what she had to do.

There was no question that leaving this aggressive cancer unchecked would be a death sentence for her. She and her husband planned for that eventuality.

She spent the next 6 months in a hospital bed. All for the sake of her son.

She carried him the full 9 months.

His delivery was complicated but eventually successful.

He was healthy.

She was not.

Near death in fact. Soon after the birth she began receiving what was to be too many blood transfusions to count. Somehow after many surgeries and much treatment she survived. She was to have multiple related near death experiences through the years and still endures many serious medical issues, constant pain, and will likely lose years off her life for her willing sacrifice for her son.

But no regrets here.

She had not heard of St. Gianna. I recommended she look up her story. She is the modern equivalent of St. Gianna’s witness for life.

What an honor it was to meet such an awesome human being.

“No greater love…”

So there you have it.

What kind of a world do you want to live in:

One in which parents kill their young so they can live as they choose?


One in which parent(s) would willingly give THEIR lives for the life of their children?

These world’s are an eternity apart. Hell and Heaven respectively.

We have to end this madness.


2 thoughts on “No Greater Love

  1. Mary Ziegler

    Hi Mr. Ryan,

    I’m a law professor (I used to work at St. Louis U), and I’m working on a new project on the pro-life movement of the 1980s and 1990s. My first book, After Roe: The Lost History of the Abortion Debate, is being published by Harvard next spring. Generally, in my research, I love to do oral histories with pioneering pro-lifers to hear about their journeys first hand, and I’d be grateful if you’d be willing to do an oral history with me by phone about your contributions–particularly those involving direct action and the necessity defense. If you have questions or might be interested, you can contact me at

    Thanks for considering my request!

    Mary Ziegler
    Assistant Professor of Law, Florida State University


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