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Margaret Sanger and Soccer Practice

My Brothers Keeper

The voice of a woman who unleashed a holocaust that coincided with, and in scope and brutality far eclipsed, the horror of the Nazi holocaust.

And that’s not even counting the untold millions or more who succumbed to the chemical warfare of artificial “contraceptives”/abortifacients!

Human beings whose deaths can only be estimated as there are no piles of shoes to represent their numbers.

holocaust shoes

We are FOOLS  to think this massive bloodletting does not overshadow every moment of our lives.

And is THE legacy we are PASSING ON to our children who lost as many as a third of their peers to Sanger’s holocaust.

Pass on soccer practice to stand for the Gospel of Life at Planned Barrenhood?

You tell me.

We have to end this madness.

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No Greater Love

My Brothers Keeper

A tale of two worlds.

I encountered two abortion involved moms over a 72 hour period this past week. The experience says it all about abortion. And has my head swirling.

One mom was willing to sacrifice her life for her child.

The other sacrificed her child’s life for her own.

I met her at the entrance of Planned Barrenhood on Saturday morning. She was Hindu, complete with tilaka and sari.  She was there to have her child killed.  I had encountered her husband two weeks before as he pushed their one year old in a stroller on this same sidewalk.  That day, while we spoke, his wife was inside the mill working out the contract for today’s “hit”. Safely nestled in her womb was her son’s sibling. Neither child aware of what their mom and dad were conspiring to do.

I know all this because I spoke at length with their dad. Twice. Each time he began with…

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