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March for Life Sellout

While a half million pro-lifer were gathering in our nation’s capitol for the March for Life last week, several of our “pro-life” Congresswomen were conspiring in secret to once again betray the unborn and those who represent them.

Leading up to the March there had been hearings and evidence presented confirming the undisputed fact that human beings, at least 20 weeks into their life, FEEL PAIN. Which would make what an abortionist does to these human beings not only “legalized” murder, but also torture.

Actually there’s ample evidence that human beings feel pain at a much younger age since science tells us that at 9 weeks all the structures necessary to feel pain are in place. But the House decided to limit this protection to what we know from caring for low birth weight babies in neonatal intensive care units: they feel pain. So they prepared a bill to outlaw the killing of human beings beginning at the age of 20 weeks. And promised the bill would pass the House when we were in town.” This one was a no-brainer.

Who would be in favor of torture?

Well apparently those who put the bill together as they included “exceptions”. Of course there was no exception to feeling pain for the abortionists’ victims, being tortured that is.No, having firmly established that these human beings feel pain, the House decided that those whose fathers were rapists, deserved no protection. In other words deserved no protection. As if that wasn’t reprehensible enough some “pro-life” members, almost literally at the 11th hour, sabotaged this terribly flawed bill on the basis that the rape “exception” was too restrictive.

For those of you reading this who are survivors of a holocaust that took up to a third of your peers, welcome to why we’re 42 years into this holocaust and still well over a million human beings continued to be “legally” killed every year. Keep in mind these are our “friends” in Congress, those who allegedly are there to protect the unborn. But this is what you get when you put all your eggs in the political basket: compromise. And make no mistake about it, these “friends” compromise with the lives of others. Betraying them to a torturous death.

Here’s the bottom line: innocent human beings don’t deserve to be killed. Period. And pursuant to this proposed legislation: human beings whose fathers happened to be rapists, don’t deserve to be tortured to death. Period. That fact is only difficult if you are an abortionist, a deathscort, or in this case among the turncoat “pro-lifers” in the House.

Think it’s time we revise our strategy?

I do.


Our Lord Speaks To Us About Abortion

As you read this entry, I ask your prayers for Vertik. I’ll tell you more about her later.

I also ask that you keep three numbers in mind: 42, 56, and 1.

1 Sm 3:3b-10, 19 …..The LORD called Samuel again, for the third time.
Getting up and going to Eli, he said, “Here I am. You called me.”
Then Eli understood that the LORD was calling the youth.
So he said to Samuel, “Go to sleep, and if you are called, reply,
Speak, LORD, for your servant is listening.”

We are just 3 days from the 42nd anniversary of the infamous Roe and Doe Supreme Court decisions that claimed to legalize what an abortionist does to a human being.

What that means is that anyone who reads this, and who is under the age of 42, is a survivor of a holocaust that took the lives of up to a third of your peers. Abortionists decimated your respective generations. Survivors have a special voice in this conversation. Has your voice been heard? Are you listening?
We are also just a week removed from the end of the Season celebrating the birth of Jesus who first came to us as an unborn child. Mother Theresa reminded us that the now 56 million victims of abortionists in our country were in fact Christ in His distressing disguise.

With numbers so big it’s easy to become discouraged.

I live in a relatively small parish in St. Louis.  But our parish, small though we are, helped end abortion. We participated in the Knights of Columbus Baby Bottle Campaign that financed a Thrive mobile ultrasound center that now sits across the street from the only remaining free-standing abortion mill in Missouri. Because that van is there we have been able to redirect many abortion bound parents to Thrive. It is a fact that children are alive today because of the generosity of a small parish in St. Louis County.  And the presence of believers on the front lines to direct parents to that van.

Vertik is one such parent. I encountered her a week ago Saturday at that abortion mill. I pleaded with her as she went in while Deathscorts blocked her view of me- not the least bit interested in “choice”. But they couldn’t block my voice. Soon she came back out and agreed to leave the mill and cross the street with me to Thrive. Her child was spared the abortionist’s deadly intent. Pray for her for she is under much pressure.


56 million victims over 42 years.

But what of the one?

You and I are the one.

We are the “Samuel” the Lord keeps calling.

Are we listening?

It is a scandalous fact, that the first time most Christians make it to an abortion mill is to have their child killed.

So first we need to show up. We need to be on the front lines to help rescue those being dragged to the slaughter. To end abortion one child at a time.

We need to open our hearts, so our ears can hear the Lord’s call.

Not sure what you’ll say at the mill? The Holy Spirit will give you the words.

Or just let your presence speak for you.

Pray, yes! Unceasingly. But this is a prayer that requires action. We need to hear the Lord and “get up” as Samuel did.  Praying with our actions as well as our words for all those involved in this affront to our Creator.

Be a voice for the voiceless wherever you are: at work, in school, at a family gathering. A friend recently told me about a hair stylist who displayed her grandchild’s first picture at work: an ultrasound. She told him of a mother who, upon seeing that picture began to cry and telling the stylist that her child was the same age when she was killed by an abortionist. That stylist was a voice before she even opened her mouth.

May we echo and live Samuel’s words and put into action our Lord’s response:

“Speak, for your servant is listening.”