March for Life Sellout

While a half million pro-lifer were gathering in our nation’s capitol for the March for Life last week, several of our “pro-life” Congresswomen were conspiring in secret to once again betray the unborn and those who represent them.

Leading up to the March there had been hearings and evidence presented confirming the undisputed fact that human beings, at least 20 weeks into their life, FEEL PAIN. Which would make what an abortionist does to these human beings not only “legalized” murder, but also torture.

Actually there’s ample evidence that human beings feel pain at a much younger age since science tells us that at 9 weeks all the structures necessary to feel pain are in place. But the House decided to limit this protection to what we know from caring for low birth weight babies in neonatal intensive care units: they feel pain. So they prepared a bill to outlaw the killing of human beings beginning at the age of 20 weeks. And promised the bill would pass the House when we were in town.” This one was a no-brainer.

Who would be in favor of torture?

Well apparently those who put the bill together as they included “exceptions”. Of course there was no exception to feeling pain for the abortionists’ victims, being tortured that is.No, having firmly established that these human beings feel pain, the House decided that those whose fathers were rapists, deserved no protection. In other words deserved no protection. As if that wasn’t reprehensible enough some “pro-life” members, almost literally at the 11th hour, sabotaged this terribly flawed bill on the basis that the rape “exception” was too restrictive.

For those of you reading this who are survivors of a holocaust that took up to a third of your peers, welcome to why we’re 42 years into this holocaust and still well over a million human beings continued to be “legally” killed every year. Keep in mind these are our “friends” in Congress, those who allegedly are there to protect the unborn. But this is what you get when you put all your eggs in the political basket: compromise. And make no mistake about it, these “friends” compromise with the lives of others. Betraying them to a torturous death.

Here’s the bottom line: innocent human beings don’t deserve to be killed. Period. And pursuant to this proposed legislation: human beings whose fathers happened to be rapists, don’t deserve to be tortured to death. Period. That fact is only difficult if you are an abortionist, a deathscort, or in this case among the turncoat “pro-lifers” in the House.

Think it’s time we revise our strategy?

I do.


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