Will Generation Life Really End Abortion?

On January 22, at the end of the March, I stood on the Capitol lawn with a great group of fellow believers known as Ten Good Men. We stood and prayed in the shadow of two buildings that had much to do with the greatest holocaust perpetrated in human history. It began there. A Supreme Court that harkened back to its Dred Scott roots and again claimed the authority to turn people into property. And a Congress that, even as over a half million of us gathered, once again betrayed the children we seek to protect. And we have a bloodbath of 56 million victims and counting.

42 YEARS! Which means that everyone who reads this and is under the age of 42 (Generation Life) is a survivor of this madness. A horror which took the lives of up to a third of their peers. Abortionists decimated the respective generations. Generations who say they will end the “legalized” slaughter of the innocents. Survivors have a special responsibility to speak: with their actions as well as words. And they have a right to ask my generation why we failed to protect your peers from abortionists. Are you speaking?

Perhaps one reason our success has been so incremental is that our actions have betrayed our message. That day we had over a half million pro-lifers in DC to confront this evil. Everyone, including the abortionists of our nations Capitol, knew we were coming. So what do you think the abortionists were doing just blocks away from where over a half million of us marched? They were killing children. It was “business as usual” for them. How is that possible?

Abortionists have come to expect us to toe the line and stay away. As if we have a gentlemen’s agreement. We March on our side of the city and they kill on theirs. And make no mistake about it, whittingly or not we are part of that agreement.

But What an abortionist does isn’t just to be protested…IT IS TO BE STOPPED. And stopped NOW if we ever hope to restore America. We must end this madness.

How many abortions do you think would have been committed in DC that day had all of us followed the example of TEN GOOD MEN who spent that morning occupying the sidewalk of Obama’s abortion mill just a few blocks from the White House?

We (especially Generation Life) say we want to end abortion. Yet year after year we pass on the opportunity to end abortion one child at a time. And in the case of the March for Life, one day…one city at a time. We are hundreds of thousands.

Restore America? How about all of us make a commitment right here and right now to be “never again”. And that never again will we gather for such a noble cause and abandon those threatened by the very injustice we come to confront.

Let us instead declare here and now that at least for This ONE day in this ONE city, in this ONE country: NO ONE DIES HERE. Let us fill the sidewalks and the streets around the abortion mills of DC and say with our actions..NOT HERE…NOT TODDAY…..and pray God….NEVER AGAIN.

Perhaps then the world will begin to understand that this injustice needs to end. And end NOW. And end forever. And we will begin to restore the God given goodness that used to permeate this great land of ours. To begin to restore a country on the brink.

Just 3 days before the March for Life we remembered the legacy of the great civil rights leader Dr Martin Luther King. King knew what to do when faced with an injustice of this magnitude. When he marched on Washington he didn’t march to the Capitol….or the Supreme Court. Nor even the White House. King marched to the symbol of the last great injustice in our land. He brought his March on Washington to the Lincoln Memorial. He did not beg Congress. Rather he brought WE THE PEOPLE to DC to say with their actions as well as their words: this injustice must end.

It is time we follow Kings example. When we next return to our Capitol let’s first meet at the abortion mills (all half million of us) and then, having ensured an abortion free Capitol gather en masse at the Lincoln Memorial to demand an end to the horror of what an abortionists does to a human being. We do not come to debate abortion. Or beg our Congressmen to defend life. For human rights are not to be debated. They are to be defended. And certainly not granted by Congress, a Congress that in its hubris, actually believes IT determines who shall live and who shall die. This year it was “pro-life” congresswomen who betrayed the unborn, derailing  anti torture  legislation, lest it provide protection from torture children whose fathers were rapists.

So  when We The People  next come to DC, which does not need to wait for next Jan 22nd btw, (Perhaps a Summer, or better yet “Siege of Mercy” is coming to our nation’s Capitol?), may we be there to say ” never again  BEGINS TODAY. Then the men and women who serve Us in those buildings can figure out how to restore justice and liberty under the law,  FOR ALL.

So help me God.

Can I hear an amen, Generation Life?


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