The 2015 March for Life As Seen by Abortionists’ Victims and Generation Life Survivors

The 2015 March for Life is now history. 42 years and counting for “the largest pro-life event in the world” as reported on its impressive web site. The Rose Dinner. Awards. Conference and Expo. Speeches. Social media. Youth rallies. I was one of a half a million marchers who filled the streets around our Nation’s Capitol. By all reports, another successful March. And no doubt planning for the 2016 March for Life is already underway. End of story…….or is it?

By the time we were on our way back to St. Louis, white knuckling it in the dark through the snowy mountains of West Virginia, we had learned that the “pro-life”House failed on its promise to pass a pain (torture) protection act for at least some human beings threatened by abortionists. I was livid and later wrote about it on this blog.

Once home I leaned that one the most prominent Congresswoman on the dais at the March for Life Rally actually engineered the 11th hour sabotage of the pain protection act. Featured ImageSadly this image (Congresswoman Wolorski is waving to the crowd) says a lot about the pro-life “movement”. And explains how 42 years into this holocaust the “movement” claims victories while millions of innocent and defenseless human beings continue to be murdered.

I’ve tried a half a million ways to find an explanation for how this could happen. Not the turncoat “pro-life” Representatives: that’s been going on for decades. But how leadership allowed this charade to take place. We’ve been bending over backwards for politicians ever since we made the mistake of turning the March into one giant lobbying event. We should have instead followed the lead of Dr. King who, with a third of the crowd the March for Life generates, brought this country to its knees: where all people of good will belong in the midst of such an injustice.

Generation Life pay attention. If you are sincere in your determination to be the generation that ends abortion, and I believe you are: it’s not going to happen this way. What’s wrong with his picture is what’s wrong with “the movement”. Look to Dr. King’s example if you truly want to end abortion. Come to Washington? Absolutely. But are you willing to create the necessary kind of tension that King did? Where is it written that we only march on Washington once a year? Or even that we march when we get there? How about we begin where hundreds of your peers were drawn this year: to the abortion mills of D.C. After all, we’re not there to oppose an idea. We’re there to prevent an act which takes place at the mills of D.C. Perhaps you’ll decide to end abortion one child at a time. Imagine if tens of thousands of you show up at each of the DC area mills. It would be gridlock. And if abortion-minded moms can’t make it to the mills because of the chaos, you will have peacefully protected another human being from such torture. And by the way, your decision to be peaceful will not necessarily mean that you are protected from violence. But the child will be. Perhaps Generation Life will call us to return in the Summer. A Summer of Mercy in our nation’s Capitol? Or monthly? Perhaps we will be led by Kristan Hawkins ( ), who had the presence of mind to challenge Congresswoman Wolanski as she left the stage. Will Generation Life decide to occupy DC? Refuse to leave until Congress acts? Even if they manage to jail the survivors of the abortion holocaust, wonder what it would look like for a half a million of us to be in jail? While it wouldn’t be our goal, do you seriously think the media would ignore that story? Or Congress?

No torture protection? Are you kidding me? That horrible image of the Jordanian pilot, trapped in that cage and burning to death at the hands of ISIS comes to mind. And yet our “pro-life” Congress refused to extend protection from such torture to our fellow human beings. Take a good look at this picture, see the unborn child who is in the same position and tell me I’m overreacting.

As I write, in the background the History Channel is runnig a program on Nazi collaborators; for a holocaust of such proportions requires such co-conspirators. After all someone had to operate the trains, pass the laws, look the other way: “sing it louder” ( History was not kind to those collaborators.

The abortion holocaust has had its share of such collaborators. Everyone knows the obvious cast of characters. The Pelosi’s who lecture the Bishops. The Bishops who 42 years later continue to “dialogue” with such perpetrators, as if such dialogue is an end in itself, all amidst the carnage of almost 60 million victims. “Catholic” Supremes like Brennan (whose lone Catholic vote helped usher in the abortion holocaust). The Kennedy’s (the “Justice” as well as the politicians). Lesser known politicians in history include Missouri’s own Senator Kit Bond who in 1994 joined forces with the abortionists to enact into law specific federal protection for abortionists known as the FACE Act. And Bond had plenty of company in the 42 years that Congress failed to protect human beings from abortionists.

Of course there are many levels of collaboration.  The “counselors” who lie to parents to ensure none escape the abortionist’s intent. The “friend” who drives mom to the abortion mill. The parent who conspires with the abortionist to kill his grandchild. The deathscorts. The Joel Osteens whose prosperity gospel trumps even Christ in His distressing disguise. The priests and pastors who pass on “the topic” or do the once a year “pro-life month” fly by. In St. Louis, the first Bishop to make it to an abortion mill was in 1980 and he came…to chase away the rescuers! Afraid of lawsuits because two of his priests, in the tradition of the last civil rights movement, had joined the pro-life rescues at a St. Louis area abortion mill. Can you imagine standing at the gates of Auschwitz and chasing away Schindler? My head explodes and my heart aches when I think of all the missed opportunities and outright betrayals this “movement” has endured. It’s cost us almost 60 million dead and counting.

Generation Life says they will end abortion. Not make it rare. Or unnecessary. END IT. They understand because they are survivors of a holocaust that took the lives of their peers. They know that they too, for 9 months of their lives, were considered “property” in the tradition of the Supremes latest  Dred Scott decision. Generation life takes what an abortionist does to a human being personally. As should all of us. But if they are going to make good on their pledge they need to learn from history. Our history. I have apologized to my children and many of those I met from Generation Life at Obama’s Abortion Mill in D.C. for the abject failure of my generation to protect their generation from abortionists. January 23rd, 1973 we should have been at the “abortion mills”, not in the halls of Congress. The sense of urgency at the former if papable The latter will debate and compromise any “issue” to death. We allowed ourselves to be lulled to sleep.

The final level of collaboration hits closer to home. It’s that of the average citizen. Good people. Church people. People who know right from wrong. Us. Many, perhaps most, “oppose” what an abortionist does to a human being. But other priorities get in the way. Family responsibilities. Work. School. Play. The routine of our daily lives leaves no time for those who have no one to speak for them. Even parish/church functions crowd out a reasonable response to this holocaust. It’s our own version of “Sing it Louder”. We all know parishes/churches (most?) that rarely even pray it louder regarding the holocaust in our midst. Abortionists depend upon our passive collaboration. And just as in Germany, the perpetrators of such holocausts only have the power given them by what we who know better, do and fail to do.

I often refer to what an abortionist does to a human being and our culture’s support of that horror as “madness”. If you’ve ever been to an abortion mill and had conversations with the abortionists’ apologists, you’ll know what I mean. I have to wonder if Einstein saw into the current “future” when he defined insanity. Generation Life, we can’t keep doing the same thing over and over if we truly expect to “end abortion.” This is insane. We “YOU” can end this madness! Are you willing to pay the price?


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