“Abortion” is in the Pews

Life News reported yesterday on the autopsy findings of a mother who was killed in 2013 by the abortionist she hired to kill her child (story below). This tragedy hits closer to home than most would know for this mother(Jennifer) was Catholic.

And we know from HER obituary the daughter she brought to be killed that day was named Madison (Of course no mention in the Obit of how Madison died, nor did Madison get her own obit).

Jennifer’s family members, who drove her 258 miles to find an abortionist who would kill their 33 week old family member, were described in the obituary as: “her adoring parents”….”her cherished sister”… and Madison’s father TJ: “the love of her (Jennifer’s) life” . Jennifer and Madison were failed that day by Madison’s maternal grandparents, father, and aunt. But perhaps by more.

One can only hope and pray that her parish, Holy Name of Jesus in New Rochelle did not fail her as well. That prior to this tragedy they at least prayed as a parish family at every Mass about what an abortionist does to a human being. That Jennifer and TJ heard many homilies about the abortion holocaust and the awesome gift of life. That they heard frequently from the pulpit that we can never, ever, ever kill an innocent human being.

Of course we all know from our own experiences the odds were that none of this happened at her parish. So Jennifer and Madison were likely failed by more than just their immediate family that day.

I also hope and pray that while Madison’s fate was swept under the rug in the obituary, Holy Name of Jesus parish insisted that Madison not be denied in death the dignity she was denied in life. That what happened to Madison was openly acknowledged at the funeral Mass and not pawned off as “a miscarriage”. For if there is any healing possible for all those involved in the deaths of Madison and her mother, it can only come by first laying it before God for what it was. And begging His forgiveness.

Please pray for Madison and all those involved in her violent and painful death including her mother, father, maternal grandparents and maternal aunt as well as all others who failed Madison and Jennifer that day by what they did and what they failed to do, including those of us who failed to put an end to this state-sanctioned horror.

We have to end this madness.


The Maryland Office of the Chief Medical Examiner has released the autopsy report on the death of Jennifer Morbelli, which again confirms the young woman died o

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